Mentorship Program

Part of  CANL’s aim and objectives is to encourage and support new Nigerian  entrants into the Legal Profession in Canada through mentorship and as well as by fostering cooperation among Nigeria lawyers through shared best practices,  and the pursuit of better integration and interaction among Nigerian lawyers. Therefore Mentorship plays a great role in what we are. 


Our Mentors share their knowledge with new and recently called lawyers in a way that will encourage those seeking to go into a practice area, while continuing to support the mentee.

Both Mentors and Mentees  must commit to a minimum 12 month mentoring relationship, which will require meetings in person, shadowing in court, continued guidance in the areas of preparation of advertising and finding clients, client retention, client interviews, preparation of pleadings, dealing with the court and opposing counseling, civility, dispute resolution and networking. networking.

Both mentor and mentee must be members in good standing with CANL.

For enquiries on the program please send an email to